Why Box Vape Is Rising in Popularity and Why Do You Need to Try It?

There is no doubt that people have their preferences and demands when it comes to their vape. The past few years have seen a major rise in the popularity of the box vape. There are many other devices available in the market, but not all of them have made it to the popular product lists. If you are one of those people who want to try the product and are wondering about its benefits, here are some points for you.

Battery capacity

For any product that runs on a battery, some amount of focus shifts to the capacity of the battery. This very thing is the source of its power and the performance depends on it to a great extent. Just like we check the battery capacity of the phone, any user should check the capacity of the vape. When it comes to the box mod (กล่องปรับวัตต์, term in Thai), these devices have impressive battery power. It starts from 1000 mAh while it can go up to 5000 mAh. The pens also come with 300 mAh to 900 mAh battery capacity. This is perfect for heavy consumers as the devices won’t ditch them in the middle of the session.

Removable battery                     

Some of these vaping devices come with batteries that can be removed. Such devices are a blessing for people who do not have electric outlets around them to charge the devices. If you plan to go on a vacation or a night out, and you have no idea whether you will be able to charge the batteries, you can use these devices. Just get some pre-charged batteries with you and change them as they run low. This way you can enjoy your sessions without any interruption due to the lack of charging facilities.

You are in control of the temperature

In many cases, vaping devices have a preset temperature and setting. But this is not the case with a box vape. It enables consumers to choose their settings depending on their preferences. Higher temperatures can create a crank and larger cloud while lower temperature helps to enjoy better flavor and smoother cloud. The boxes come with a display screen that shows you the temperature giving you better control. The same screen helps with battery amount and other settings. The user would know when to charge the battery as the screen will keep informing.

Safety feature

The devices come with their very own safety features. Some of the vapes come with a feature that detects the cartridge in them. The device switches off completely whenever the cartridge is overheated. This enables the user to be sure that there won’t be any harm due to overheating of the cartridge.

Pre-heat mode

Some common problems with box vapes are hardened wax and clogged airflow. The pre-heat option solves these problems effectively. The wax concentrate can be heated without starting the extraction of the active ingredients. It prepares the vape for the session and offers a smooth experience.

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