What is ACE-031 and how does it affect our body

ACE-031 is a myostatin inhibitor, i.e., it restricts the secretion or activity of myostatin in the muscles. Myostatin is an intrinsic protein of the muscles of animals and humans. It is also known as growth differentiation factor 8 (GDF8) and is responsible for handling the growth of muscle cells as well as their differentiation. It is naturally occurring and is a product of the MSTN gene.

This protein is a part of the transforming growth factor-beta group, and its main objective is to restrict the skeletal muscles from growing too much in size. As the secretion of myostatin increases with age, the growth in skeletal muscle also decreases. When ACE-031 is injected into the body, myostatin and its ligands are restricted with the aim of mitigating the effects of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), which remains incurable to date.

DMD is a muscular disorder where a patient experiences muscle fibres rupture due to lack of dystrophin, a protein that is supposed to be the protector and support provider of muscle fibres. The disruption in myostatin activity caused by Ace-031 is found to be therapeutic for muscular disorder since it can help muscles grow and become healthier.

This is a recombinant inhibitor, which is an essential drug that is composed of ACVR2B, an activin receptor of type IIB, and IgG1-Fc, an antibody. Studies and researches are going on to investigate its usage for the treatment of several diseases like DMD and certain types of cancer. It is also found to enhance sperm development.

These investigations have elucidated that treatment via ACE-031 is secure if the proportion of 3 mg for 1 kg is followed in the healthy population. The side effects of the drugs are found to be mild and tolerable. Within each dose of the drug, at least a 2 weeks gap is observed. Some insights from these investigations reveal:-

– The drug is instrumental in improving muscle oxygenation, i.e., the regulation of oxygen in the tissue within the muscles. This improves muscle growth and strength and helps to delay the onset of tiredness.

– The enhanced oxidative respiration accentuates the functioning of the muscles, which further helps in strengthening the muscles.

– Bone mineral density experiences a significant boost through ACE-031. This in turn increases the endurance of bones.

– The femur is a bone found in the thigh. With age, its strength deteriorates significantly. ACE-031 can exponentially enhance its density by over 100 percent.

– The inhibition of Myostatin is found to be effective in increasing insulin sensitivity too.

– The drug helps to reduce fat storage in the body and enhances the body mass index.

– As a result of the increased muscle strength and bone mineral density, the deteriorating effects of age on the physical body are also reduced.

Although one can find vials of ACE-031 for sale online, they are only available for research purposes. These vials contain the drug in a powdered form, and bacteriostatic water must be injected into the vial to dissolve the drug. The production for human consumption will have to wait till more rigorous studies are conducted.

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