Dental Emergency, from Tooth Falling Out of the Mouth to Pregnancy and Dental Emergencies

It is recommended to remove the tooth from the ground by holding the crown of the tooth when it is completely out of its socket. If you can, gently wash the infected tooth under water for 10 seconds and put it back in its socket. If this is not possible, it is better to put the tooth in a glass of milk. Otherwise, put the tooth in the mouth between the teeth and the child’s cheek and see a dentist immediately.

As a dentist at urgent dental care in Toronto says, the golden tip to save a tooth’s life is time. If you can get your child to the dentist in less than 50 minutes, the probability of successful treatment will be more than 80%. In cases where the tooth has been hit, and none of the above cases are seen, it is necessary to see a dentist. Damage to the tooth nerve can change its color within a few days or weeks.

Fracture of Tooth Edge

Sometimes, due to external impacts, the edge of the tooth is broken. No matter how big the tooth edge fracture is, it is necessary to go to the dentist to repair the tooth because due to the opening of the tooth dentin, contaminating substances gradually enter the pulp of the tooth and endanger the life of the tooth.

Tooth Displacement

In severe cases of tooth displacement, the tooth may be loose or sunk into the jaw bone or protrude from its place. In some cases, the gums are torn, and bleeding or bruises are formed in a part of the mouth. Sometimes, the severity of the impact is so great that in addition to the teeth, the jawbone is also broken. In all these cases, you should go to the dentist very quickly.

Breaking Teeth

If you encounter a broken tooth, immediately wash the area of ​​the tooth with physiological serum. Place an ice pack on the site. If the tooth has a sharp edge that irritates the cheek and tongue area, cover the sharp edge with paraffin or dental wax if possible and see a dentist.

Insertion of a Foreign Object Between the Teeth

If the foreign object is visible, remove it with dental forceps, but if you cannot see it, try to remove it with dental floss. After removing the foreign object, gargle the water strongly in your mouth to remove the remaining objects. Do not try to remove the foreign object with a sharp object. If the depth of the object is too deep and you cannot remove it, see a dentist.

Oral Superficial Ulcers Caused by Physical and Chemical Irritations

These superficial wounds on the inner surface of the cheek, gum, and tongue are caused by biting the cheek, intense brushing, eating hot foods, or irritation caused by orthodontic brackets. An oxygenated mouthwash solution with the bubbles it creates cleans the wound of food particles.

Pregnancy and Dental Emergencies

Note that arbitrary use of any medicine may be dangerous for the mother and the fetus, so it is necessary not to use any medicine without the permission of a doctor or dentist. In cases where a doctor or dentist prescribes a drug knowing that the patient is pregnant, taking that drug is safe and even necessary, and avoiding its use may be harmful to the patient and the fetus.

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